birthdays @ skateland:

Party Rooms are $40 for the first Hour OR $50 for the Entire 2-hour Skate session. They book FAST!

Small Party Room 6-8 Skaters 
Med Party Room 10-12 Skaters 
Large Party Room 15-25 Skaters

 Email: for more information.

  • Party Room Booking:

Once we have confirmed availability, we'll place a 48 hr hold on your Party Room Booking. To reserve your Party Room booking after that 48Hrs, we must have received your 'Party Room Payment'.

  • Catering: YES!

You're welcome to B.Y.O. Food, Drinks + Cake and decorations.
(No Alcohol Permitted)

  • Early Entry: YES!

Party Room Bookings may gain early access 15 mins prior to Skate Session for setting up (only if no prior booking).



We'll be happy to answer any other questions you have.