Have a Need for Speed?

Speed skating started in Auckland over fifty years ago when the Mt Wellington Roller Sports Club was formed.

Speed skating takes place on three distinctly different tracks over a number of distances ranging from 200m time trials to 42 km marathons.

  • Flat track racing on a 100m track such as our Rink @ Skateland.
  • Downhill Racing takes place at selected courses around Auckland.
  • Road skating is generally on go-kart tracks or cycle tracks.

SKATELAND has a proud tradition of training top inline speed skaters with many members representing New Zealand at Oceania and World Championships. We welcome new skaters throughout the year and encourage you to try it!

vip invite..

You're invited to attend a Learn-to-Speed Skate class on a Tuesday 5.30-7.00pm OR a Thursday 6.00-7.00pm

*Skates can be provided but please bring a cycle helmet.

Connect with us via the CONTACT US page & learn more about Speed Skating in Auckland.